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~00001~00001~00001IP~00001Analyte found in blank. Sample contamination indicated.FBKM01, M03, J1Should this flag apply to both result < RL and Result > RL? To Trip and method blanks?Yes21
~00002~00002~00002~00002Batch precision requirement was not met.Q01, Q022Internal Flag31
~00003~00003~00003PG~00003Calibration verification outside acceptable limitsC01 - C083Is this flag applied correctly?Yes41
~00004~00004~00004PG~00004CCV problemC01 - C084Is this flag applied correctly?Yes51
~00005~00005~00005FDC~00005Drift check not acceptable.FDC5We discussed using FDC but we never finalized that. ??? Need flag to address calibration verification of field equipment is outside acceptable limits.Yes we added the code and defined as Drift check not acceptable61
~00006~00006~00006~00006Dry blank not acceptable.FDB6Internal Flag71
~00007~00007~00007DF~00007Elevated MDL, PQL due to matrix interferenceA10781
~00008~00008~00008D~00008Elevated MDL, PQL due to sample requiring dilutionA018Is this flag applied correctly?Yes91
~00009~00009~00009IP~00009Field blank not acceptable.FFB9Internal Flag101
~00010~00010~00010FDP~00010Field Dup. Coliform count fails DQO check10111
~00011~00011~00011~00011Field duplicate difference fails non-parametric check.FFD11Internal Flag121
~00012~00012~00012FDP~00012Field duplicate exceeds SWAMP percentage limit (RPD)FFD12131
~00013~00013~00013~00013Field spike not acceptable.FFS13Internal Flag141
~00014~00014~00014PG~00014ICV Recovery ProblemC01 - C0814Is this flag applied correctly?Yes151
~00015~00015~00015BZ~00015Improper sample preservation noted. Analysis performed.ISP15Need Flag - has been applied to samples received at wrong temp and samples not preserved in the field (ie Nitrogen forms samples not preserved using sulfuric acid)BY: samples received at improper temperature and BZ: sample preserved improperly161
~00016~00016~00016~00016Interference suspected. Analyte may not be present.INT16Internal Flag171
~00017~00017~00017~00017Internal reference sample not acceptable.FRS17Internal Flag181
~00018~00018~00018~00018Internal standard not acceptable.FIS18Internal Flag191
~00019~00019~00019IP~00019Lab blank not acceptable.M01, M03, J19Need Flag - Analyte found in blank at concentration > RLIf the blank is not acceptable because of detections then it would get an IP for the detect.201
~00020~00020~00020~00020Lab duplicate fails non-parametric check.FLD20Internal Flag211
~00021~00021~00021~00021Lab duplicate fails parametric check.FLD21Internal Flag221
~00022~00022~00022~00022Lab performance check not acceptable.FPC22Internal Flag231
~00023~00023~00023GB~00023Lab spike recovery not acceptable.FLSQ0323241
~00024~00024~00024~00024Linearity check did not meet quality criterion.FLC24Internal Flag251