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300300EPA 300.0EPA 300.0Inorganic Anions by Ion Chromatography11
35013501EPA 350.1EPA 350.121
35123512EPA 351.2EPA 351.2TKN by Semi-Automated Block Digestion and Colorimetry31
36543654EPA 365.4EPA 365.441
60106010EPA 6010EPA 601051
2340b2340bSM 2340BSM 2340BHardness61
2540 C,E2540ceSM 2540 C,ESM 2540 C,E71
4500NH3H4500nh3hSM 4500 NH3 HSM 4500 NH3 HNitrogen (Ammonia): Automated Phenate Method81
4500NO3F4500no3fSM 4500 NO3 FSM 4500 NO3 F91
4500PC4500pcSM 4500 PCSM 4500 PC101
APDC/DDDCapdcdddcAPDC/DDDCAPDC/DDDCDissolved Trace Elements organic extraction of Seawater samples (Bruland et al., 1985; Flegal et al. 1991)111
ASTM D3977astmd3977ASTM D3977ASTM D3977SSC Suspended Sediment Concentration131
ASTM D422astmd422ASTM D422ASTM D422Grain Size analysis141
ASTM D4464Mastmd4464mASTM D4464M151
AXYS MLA-007 Rev 12axysmla007rev12AXYS MLA-007 Rev 12161
AXYS MLA-007 Rev 13axysmla007rev13AXYS MLA-007 Rev 13171
AXYS MLA-010 Rev 10axysmla010rev10AXYS MLA-010 Rev 10181
AXYS MLA-010 Rev 11axysmla010rev11AXYS MLA-010 Rev 11191
AXYS MLA-017 Rev 19axysmla017rev19AXYS MLA-017 Rev 19201
AXYS MLA-017 Rev 20axysmla017rev20AXYS MLA-017 Rev 20211
AXYS MLA-021 Rev 09axysmla021rev09AXYS MLA-021 Rev 09221
AXYS MLA-021 Rev 10axysmla021rev10AXYS MLA-021 Rev 10231
AXYS MLA-021 Rev 11axysmla021rev11AXYS MLA-021 Rev 11241
AXYS MLA-028 Rev 06axysmla028rev06AXYS MLA-028 Rev 06251