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2004_11_Acterra200411acterra2004_11_Acterra2004_11_Acterra2004-2011 Acterra2004-2011 Acterra2015-10-0511
319h319h319h319hSection 319h GrantsConsists of projects funded by Clean Water Act Section 319h grants for non-point source projects2015-07-0821
401 Cert401cert401_Cert401 Cert401 CertificationMonitoring required by 401 Certifications issued by the Water Boards2015-11-0231
ALBAalbaRWB3_ALBAALBACarneros Creek/ALBAMonitoring the effects of wetland restoration and organic farming practices on water quality in Carneros Creek, Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association2012-11-2861
APMPapmpAPMPAPMPAquatic Pesticide Monitoring ProgramThe purpose of the APMP is to provide information on the effects of chemical and non-chemical aquatic pest control methods.1900-01-0171
ASBSasbsASBSASBSSpecial Protections for Areas of Special Biological SignificanceASBS Regional Reference Site Monitoring Assessing Natural Water Quality2013-06-2081
BASMAA_CW4CBbasmaacw4cbBASMAA_CW4CBBASMAA_CW4CBBASMAA - Clean Watersheds for a Clean BayEPA Water Quality Improvement Fund Grant # CFDA 66.2021900-01-01101
BASMAA_RMCbasmaarmcBASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMCBASMAA Regional Monitoring CoalitionBASMAA Regional Monitoring Coalition1900-01-01111
BCHPbchpBCHPBCHPBucks Creek Hydroelectric ProjectBucks Creek Hydroelectric Project2016-02-01121
BeachWatchbeachwatchBeachWatchBeachWatchBeachWatchBeach Watch is a centralized information management system for California's beaches containing beach posting and closing information.2012-03-21131
BrAvGrnStbravgrnstBrAvGrnStBrAvGrnStBrighton Avenue Pilot Green Street ProjectGreen infrastructure project in front of main entrance to Albany Middle School in residential neighborhood in Albany, CA2016-06-15141
Cal_OceancaloceanCal_OceanCal_OceanCalifornia Ocean PlanProgram instituted to maintain the indigenous marine life and a healthy and diverse marine community2016-06-07161
Cap_FFcapffCWC_Capitola_FFCap_FFCity of Capitola First Flush ProgramStorm Drain monitoring during the first significant rain2015-06-26181
Cap_UWcapuwCWC_Capitola_UWCap_UWCity of Capitola Urban Watch ProgramUrban Watch Dry Season Monitoring2015-06-26191
CCCScccsCCCSCCCSCalleguas Creek Characterization StudyA study to better characterize the Callegas Creek Watershed2012-06-06201
CCLEANccleanRWB3_CCLEANCCLEANCentral Coast Long term Environmental Assessment NetworkCentral Coast Long term Environmental Assessment Network2012-09-27211
CCRSccrsCCRSCCRSCentral Coast Restoration SuccessCentral Coast Restoration Success2014-06-11231
CCSF-SWOOccsfswooCCSF-SWOOCCSF-SWOOCCSF-SWOO Regional Monitoring ProgramThe City and County of San Francisco - Oceanside Biology Lab collected and analyzed samples from an outfall and a reference site.1900-01-01241
CCV_SSccvssCCV_SSCCV_SSCity of Chula Vista Special StudySurface Water Monitoring for Total Selenium in the City of Chula Vista on an as-needed basis2013-12-05251